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Eirini Athanasiou

Eirini Athanasiou


Eirini Athanasiou is a Consultant at OCTANE Management Consultants.


Eirini brings many years of enriched experience in developing and managing EU-funded programmes and public sector projects, predominantly in NGOs.


Before embracing her current role at OCTANE, Eirini gained valuable experience by working as Programme Coordinator at KMOP - Family and Childcare Centre. Specializing in human and fundamental rights, Eirini meticulously managed a diverse range of projects, ensuring each was in strict alignment with the defined objectives and successfully executed. Prior to this, she worked as a meticulous Project Manager, seamlessly planning, organizing, and implementing project activities, and significantly contributing to the development and success of projects. During her time at KMOP, she actively represented the organization in various national and international committees, and fora, thereby enhancing the organization's influence and presence in the sector.


Eirini holds an MA in International Relations and Greek Turkish Relations and another MA focusing on Southeast European Countries, enriching her understanding of regional dynamics and international cooperation. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies.