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Maria Athanasiadou

Maria Athanasiadou


Maria Athanasiadou is a Consultant at OCTANE Management Consultants.


Maria is a biochemist with a diverse background that nicely blends scientific expertise and business acumen. She carries over five years of experience in cancer research at esteemed institutions such as King's and Imperial College in London and has dedicated more than seven years to teaching, demonstrating her commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientific minds.


Holding a BSc in Chemistry from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Royal Holloway University of London and an MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business, she brings a comprehensive skill set to her role as a Consultant at OCTANE.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Maria enjoys traveling and finds inspiration in exploring diverse cultures. A lover of literature and the arts, she enjoys delving into a good book or attending an inspiring theatrical play in her leisure time.