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Internally Driven Corporate Change

Once a company has reached a certain point in its evolution, it needs to find the strength to re-evaluate the way it works and re-define its internal structure, the way it approaches the market and its core operating assumptions. This re-evaluation is a key element to corporate growth and protects the company against falling into patterns of bureaucracy and decline. It is in fact most necessary when the company is highly successful and dominant in the market and when competitors don’t present a credible threat which would otherwise motivate the company to change.

OCTANE can apply a tried and tested methodology of internally-driven change that has worked in large multinational organizations and has been shown to generate concrete results and practical ideas, while maximizing the involvement and participation of your own staff and employees. We use a multiple-approach model to combine feedback from clients, employees and other stakeholders with best-practice research, in order to find “quick wins” which will immediately take your company to the next level.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What do our clients think of us? Are they happy with our service?
  • What are our company’s core strategic goals for the next decade?
  • What ideas do our employees have for improving our company?
  • Which things that we currently do must we forget or un-learn?
  • Which things do we need to change or learn to do better?