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Motivation & Performance Management

Even the most ambitious, well-designed and organized company has no clear direction without a set of clearly defined, internally consistent, measurable, ambitious yet achievable goals and targets. Much like the runner without a stopwatch or the ship captain without a compass, an organization without specific goals has no way of knowing whether it is going in the right direction, whether it is outperforming competitors, or whether it is improving.

OCTANE can help your company develop a systematic, clear and cohesive set of performance targets which provide “line-of-sight” links between corporate goals and ambitions, the efforts of your employees, and their tangible or intangible rewards. In this way, your staff can have a clear understanding of what the company expects of them, how they contribute to its success, how they can improve themselves in their job and how their efforts impact their advancement and rewards within the company.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Is our corporate strategy understood by all our employees?
  • Does everyone in the company know what is expected of them?
  • How do we decide whether we did a good job last year?
  • What are the key priorities of the company and how do we measure success against these priorities?
  • How can we align the efforts of our staff along corporate goals?
  • How can we reward achievement and improvement, and not effort?