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Organizational Architecture

Faced with a rapidly changing competitive environment, organizations are under pressure to effect dramatic performance improvements and to adapt constantly to new opportunities and threats. More and more, companies must change from corporate organizations with rigid procedures, strict responsibilities, long-term planning mechanisms and elaborate control systems to corporate organisms with agile and fast decision processes, dynamic and ever-evolving roles and accountabilities, multi-point interactive information flows, and flexible informal influence networks both inside and outside the company.

OCTANE can help your company move beyond the traditional organization charts, job descriptions and procedures that most often increase its rigidity. Without discounting these formal structural elements, we supplement them with the accountabilities, decision processes, information flows and influence networks that can make your company dynamic, extroverted, agile and proactive

Key Issues Addressed

  • Do my employees have clearly defined roles and accountabilities?
  • How can we improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making within my company?
  • How can we convert our data stock into useful information flows?
  • How can we improve the agility and responsiveness of our firm?
  • Which influence networks need to be leveraged in order for things to be done more quickly and efficiently?