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Product & Brand Strategy
Building strong brands and products isn’t getting any easier.

Building strong brands and products isn’t getting any easier. An explosion in the number of brands, as well as a proliferation of ways to communicate them, has made it tougher to get messages across the clutter of media and promotional activities. Furthermore, converging product-performance and service levels in many industries, even among unbranded or private-label products, have made it more difficult to differentiate your brand or product.

OCTANE can help your company measure your brand’s value, determine its unique positioning and selling points, identify the “brand promise”, key attributes and substantiators which clearly differentiate your brand against its competition and construct a coherent brand strategy and product portfolio which allows you to strategically defend your current position while building the weapons and vehicles for further growth in your market

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the defining characteristics of my brand and products?
  • Why am I different than my competitors?
  • Which customers am I addressing?
  • What is my unique, clearly expressed promise to these customers?
  • What functional and emotional sources of value do I offer?
  • How much are customers willing to pay for the value I give them?
  • Is my current product portfolio consistently true to my brand?