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Stefania Stefanou

Stefania Stefanou


Stefania Stefanou is an Analyst at Octane Management Consultants


As an Analyst at Octane, she has participated in process optimization projects in banking and technology industries. In addition, she has participated actively in the assessment and re-design of the new remuneration scheme for a multinational insurance company.


She graduated from Utrecht University from which she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Economics with a Law minor. Throughout her studies, she developed a combination of multidisciplinary skills that together with her critical thinking and analytical background have constituted in building a strong profile in Analytics. Moreover, during her studies she conducted several research studies including stock market analysis, macroeconomic analysis of market inefficiency externality and econometrics studies.


Prior to her Bachelor, Stefania graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma and volunteered at several NGOs, such as Caritas.